The Challenge

CO2 is present in the atmosphere and exhaust air. The challenge is how to capture CO2 while maintaining acceptable cost and high efficiency?

After multiple years of testing, Noxcon has developed a patented technology capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and purified exhaust gas.
Our gas capture technology is holding:
– an efficiency of up to 99%
– a CO2 purity of up to 95%.

The industry is now able to remove CO2 from production facility enabling a Net Zero Carbon manufacturing process. The greenhouse industry can apply our technology for CO2 enrichment.

CO2 enrichment in greenhouse production

As the unique source of carbon in the atmosphere and exhaust air, carbon dioxide (CO2) exerts a strong impact on crop yield and quality. However, CO2 deficiency in greenhouses during the daytime often limits crop productivity. By capturing CO2 from the gas engines during the nighttime, storing the CO2 at site and dosing the CO2 controlled into the greenhouse, a greenhouse can save energy without affecting plant activity and is in full CO2 dosing control.